Adam Rosten

"It's not about wins or losses, it's about love, developing young people and building relationships that will last forever." --- Coach Matt Deggs, University Louisiana-Lafayette

Adam began his career in education in 2011 after graduating from Mercy College with his Masters in Adolescent Education. Adam worked as a substitute teacher, building substitute and coach for five years in numerous school districts gaining valuable experience and knowledge before finally landing his own classroom at Broadview Middle School in Danbury, CT.

Once established in his own classroom, Adam went right to work becoming a transformational leader inside the classroom and on the baseball field. By focusing on developing relationships and creating a learning environment where questions are encouraged, he immediately saw academic and social growth. His use of interactive teaching styles with a lively pace help students and players alike to keep engaged, have fun and most importantly learn. 

Even after 13 years in education, Adam is as dedicated and passionate as ever to help his students and players reach the next level.