Tigers in Training Baseball Camp

Our mission is simple, teach the fundamentals and focus on growing each player's skill level. By teaching the game of baseball the right way and providing a fun, team building experience we believe players of all levels will benefit from our instruction. We want to introduce your players to the concepts of hard work, teamwork and we vs me mentality. We hope that using our interactive coaching styles we can help your players reach their goals on or off the baseball field.

What to expect at TNT Camp/Clinics

At the beginning of each session, we'll start with our Tiger Circle. We'll go over the game plan for the day, discussing what skills we will be working on and answer any questions the players might have from the previous day's workout. 

Next, we'll jump into our warm up and throwing routines. Here we are going to teach proper warm up/throwing technique and how best to get their arms ready for a game or practice. Once complete we're going right into individual skill building. Your players will be trained in infield, outfield, pitching, catching, baserunning and hitting. Each day will be unique as to keep everyone engaged and working on creating the most well rounded baseball player that they can be. We will also be doing some hitting at the end of each camp day with various scrimmages and hitting activities. The final day of camp your players will be participating in the Tiger Olympics! The players will be grouped into teams of 3-4 and compete in a variety of baseball skills that we worked on throughout the week. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!